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Drainage & Hygiene Services Ltd incorporating Clean Drain Ltd have been trading since February 1977. We offer drain repairs and drainage services to many clients including; County Councils, Schools, Housing Associations, Hospitals, Insurance Companies, Diocesan Offices, Industrial and Commercial Companies as well as Retail premises and business parks.

We offers a complete drainage service 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. If you have blocked drains or need a drain survey, call 01245 269002. For details on any aspect of our commercial & industrial drainage work please check below.

Drain Maintenance

Drainage & Hygiene Services and Clean Drain offer a preventative drain maintenance service in the Essex & Hertfordshire areas. Whether one-off maintenance such as high-pressure water jetting, descaling drains or root cutting works is required or regular monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual maintenance works such as vacuum tanker services, the cleaning/emptying of downpipes, stack pipes, roof gullies, car park gullies, grease traps, petrol interceptors, discharge pits and catchment pits is required, Drainage & Hygiene Services and Clean Drain will take charge of your drainage system, maintain it, clean it and provide 24-hour peace of mind cover.

Regular inspections and cleaning can ensure the free-flowing characteristics of your drainage system. A programme of regular preventative maintenance could save a great deal of inconvenience and unnecessary expense. Drainage & Hygiene and Clean Drain will be pleased to prepare a quotation tailored to your own specific requirements, giving you a fixed annual budget figure, relieving you of this area of premises management.

Vacuum Tanker Services

Drainage & Hygiene Services and Clean Drain offer competitively priced liquid waste collection services including the emptying and cleaning of catchment pits, petrol interceptors, grease traps, discharge pits, effluent tanks and car park gullies. Drainage & Hygiene Services incorporating Clean Drain is licensed by the Environment Agency as a Registered Waste Carrier and all hazardous and non-hazardous waste is disposed of in accordance with the applicable legislation at registered waste disposal sites.

Car Park, Road Gullies, Catchment Pits, Discharge Pits and Petrol Interceptors

Car Park and Road Gullies are designed to allow surface/stormwater to drain away from the large tarmac and concrete areas, retaining silt and debris and preventing the deposits from entering the drainage system. Petrol interceptors collect oil and petrol deposits preventing contamination of the surface/stormwater. Gullies and Petrol Interceptors need to be emptied and cleaned on a regular basis to prevent the collected deposits from overflowing into the surface/stormwater system. Drainage & Hygiene Services and Clean Drain utilise a specialist gully emptying unit which is used to empty the gully and petrol interceptor traps and flush through the drain.

Grease Traps

Grease traps normally serve kitchen and restaurant facilities of larger premises. Their aim is to filter out and collect fat and grease to prevent it from entering the drainage system via the kitchen sinks. The fat and grease separate from the water and collect within the trap allowing the drains to remain clear, reducing costs incurred in the maintenance of the drainage system. The grease floats to the top of the trap, collects and forms a crust allowing the water to flow on through to the drain. The frequency a grease trap needs to be emptied varies depending on the amount of use and size of the trap.

Blocked Linear and Channel Drainage

Channel drains also known as Linear or ACO drainage are commonly found on driveways and paved areas in front of shops and stores. Channel drains work in a similar fashion to Road gullies and the silt trap needs to be emptied and the drain lines cleaned on a regular basis. This helps to prevent collected deposits from overflowing into the surface/stormwater system. We use a specialist gully emptying unit which flushes through the drain.

CCTV Drain Survey, Drain Plotting, Manhole Condition Reports and Invert Levels

CCTV drain surveys are invaluable in ascertaining the structural and service condition of a drainage system. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced drainage engineers who specialise in the surveying and plotting of drainage systems. This allows us to verify the integrity and flow characteristics of a drain, to confirm the position, material and duty of a drain through to purchase/sale documentation.

A typical CCTV camera survey report will contain a detailed condition report and schematic of each drain line surveyed, manhole condition reports including the invert levels of the manholes, a site plan showing the onsite drainage, digital video footage of the drains surveyed, conclusions, recommendations and a quotation to carry out any recommended remedial works. Typically, the report is collated and sent within 5-7 working days of the survey being carried out.

Drain Root Removal

The roots of trees and bushes can cause severe problems within drainage systems ranging from repeated blockages through to complete obstructions or strangulation and collapse of the drain. The treatment of roots within the drainage system is dependent on the severity and extent of the root ingress. The vast majority of root ingress can be treated with the use of specialist root cutting equipment or high-pressure water jetting with specialist root cutting attachments. Upon removal of the roots Drainage & Hygiene Services and Clean Drain will ascertain the condition of the drain. Roots fracture the drain on entry which may cause future problems with blockages as well as allowing roots to re-grow through the cracks.

In most cases it is recommended that a GRP liner is inserted into the drain after root removal to seal the drain and return it to a watertight condition, the GRP liner will also help to also prevent the re-growth of the roots into the drain. In severe cases where the roots are very thick or the drain has been strangled causing the drain to collapse, the section of drain affected is removed and a new section inserted.